What to Expect | Services at Faith Episcopal Church



Arriving at Faith Episcopal Church


  • As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted by members who will provide you a bulletin. If you have any questions, just ask!

  • Come reflect and mediate between 9:20am-9:30am in the sanctuary.

  • Throughout the service, we’ll use our bulletin, along with three books: a blue hymnal, a green contemporary worship song book, and a red copy of The Book of Common Prayer. Hymn numbers are found in the bulletin and posted within the sanctuary.


The Liturgy

Readings, sermon, statements of faith, prayers of the community

Readings and Prayers

  • Commonly, a passage from the Hebrew Scriptures, a Psalm, and a passage from The Gospel will be read each Sunday.

  • Your bulletin will prompt you to read responsively to participate in the reading. For the reading of the Gospel, the congregation stands.

  • The sermon is meant to take what we have heard in the readings and engage those learnings with our current lives.

  • The Prayers of the People is our time to communally pray for our leaders, community, those in need, and for forgiveness.


The Peace

Passing of the Peace

Passing of the Peace

  • At Faith Episcopal, we bless those around us by saying “Peace be with you!” or “Peace of Christ be with you!”

  • As you are able and comfortable, feel free to shake hands, give a hug, or a greeting. This represents God’s love and kindness to us shown through each other. You can stay at your seat or walk around to greet others throughout the sanctuary.


The Liturgy of the Table

Offertory & Eucharistic Prayer

The Liturgy of the Table

  • Offering: Financial support for Faith Episcopal directly supports the church’s operations, Vicar’s salary, and service to our community. On offering plate is passed throughout the congregation. We gladly accept online tithes/offerings through our website.

  • Eucharistic Prayer: The Eucharistic Prayer leads us to the communion table. The congregation stands during the Eucharistic Prayer. During this time, the presider praises God for God’s action in our lives. This selection concludes with the Sanctus “Holy, holy, holy”, a response normally sung by the entire assembly. The prayer continues with a retelling of the story of the Last Supper and the presider asking the Holy Spirit to come into the bread and wine and into us.


Receiving Communion

The Body and Blood of Christ


  • What is communion? Communion is the consecration of bread and wine for the purpose of remembering Jesus’ death, resurrection, and return. All baptized Christians are welcome to accept the bread and wine.

  • How to receive communion: Please form a line within the center aisle and follow the directions of our usher.

    • To receive the bread, we place one palm in the other and accept the Body of Christ. You may either eat the bread or hold it to dip it into the wine.

    • To receive the wine, the Blood of Christ - the cup of Salvation - you may either drink from the cup or dip the bread into the wine.

    • If you would like to receive communion at your seat, please remain in your seat, and the priest will offer you communion after serving the rest of the congregation.

  • Gluten free communion bread is available at the altar - just let the priest know!


After Communion

Giving Thanks & Dismissal

Giving Thanks & Dismissal

  • After communion we all stand and say a prayer, including in your bulletin. The priest then asks God to bless us. We usually sing another song as the liturgical ministers process out. At the end of the song the priest dismisses us. Come enjoy our Fellowship Hour after the service!